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CCFU aims to educate and build the confidence of children, youth and women through our holistic education, engagement and empowerment in Masaka, Uganda. There is a HUGE need and demand for our programs to address the specific challenges faced by young people and women in urban slums and rural areas of Masaka region and in Uganda atlarge.


It is extremely difficult for poor families in Uganda to afford to send their children to school and as a result many children miss out on a vital education. At CCFU we believe that education is a basic human right and is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty, and that all children deserve the chance to learn and to have a bright future. This is the reason why we decided to help such children to be able to access education through getting education sponsorships. If you are interested to sponsor a child (ren) just get in touch and we connect you with the children of your choice.
"Education is one of the best weapon we can use to change this World" - Nelson Mandela


The project is taking place in Masaka district in two sub counties of Buwunga and Mukungwe sub counties in six parishes including: Bulando, Sserinya, Kanywa, Ssamaliya, Kitenga and Kayunga. We are working with other stake holders icluding local leaders, schools, parents and government authorities to advocate for children's rights and work together to End Child Violence. We do this through setting Community Child Protection Committees (CCPC's) who work as change agent in villages and setting up school child rights clubs where we pass our information to the students.


We believe that in order to help vulnerable children it is vital to empower mothers too. Our WEP bring together women from a community to work as a group to help each other overcome their situations of poverty through saving groups. For the young women in our community, especially young mothers, CCFU tackles the cycle of poverty that leaves women economically dependent on men. The Young Women’s Economic Empowerment Program targeting disadvantaged young women so that they can become economically empowered through business trainings, financial skills, small start-up capital, and the facilitation of a savings group.


This project is targeting the in and out of school communities of young people ages between 14-24 who are vulnerable to STDs, HIV/AIDS, Child Marriage, Teenage Pregnancy, Gender Based Violence and all related issues caused by limited or no access to their Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) information and services. Empowering young people to exercise their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and help they make better informed choices. We also empower them through developmental life skills. Activities focus on youth-led media, youth rights, and youth involvement in the end of new HIV infections and community decision-making, and other methods.

Awake Youth Camp

CCFU through Awake Youth Camp young people are empowered to make informed life decisions & choices, develop life skills including financial literacy and give them exposure for which they can achieve their full potential. The primary target of the conference are school going young people between 14-19 years and the secondary target are the school going young people 20-24 and the teens who are out of schools, it takes place December 2019 at Notre Dame High School, Nyendo-Masaka. And this years (2019) event will take on 5th-7th December 2019 (from Thursday-Saturday) Theme: "Empower young people to unlock their potential"


There are very high rates of unemployment amongst young women, and opportunities for work are usually in the informal sector. Our project support adolescent girls, young women and their families to alleviate poverty, sustainability and strengthen families’ futures. Our tailoring hub offer free, tailoring skills and business skills to adolescent girls & young women to help them generate income for themselves and their families as well, to learn entrepreneurial and personal skills training for out-of-school vulnerable adolescent girls and young women to build their confidence and create employment opportunities.