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Why we do what we do ?

7.3 Million



Ugandans are between 14-24 years Ugandans population is 10-24 years Girls in Uganda are married before their 18th birthday.




Adolescents in Uganda begun child bearing Uganda Youth are unemployed Women aged 15-19 have given birth

CCFU is a youth led and youth serving a nonprofit organization operating in Masaka region. it is under the ministry of gender-labor and Social development. Reg. no MMC/489/2016. CCFU is founded by a group of young peoples (peer educators) who decided to volunteer their time to work towards social transformation. We are working to improve the wellbeing of young people and women in Masaka region to live a better & a purpose driven life through providing Educating, Engaging & Empowering them.

CCFU is to bring love and hope to young people and to transform poor communities in Masaka region and in Uganda atlarge. Since 2016 CCFU has demonstrated that young people are significant actors in development and can drive positive change at local, regional and national level in the areas of Education Support, Women Empowerment, Behavior Change Communication, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights & HIV/AIDS awareness in young people. We work to bring about sustainable changes through Educating, Engaging and Empowering young people.

More About CCFU

To have communities where the young people have an opportunities to maximize their potential and influence decisions that affect their lives.

To promote the well-being young people to live a better and a purpose driven life through educating, engaging and empowering them.

The organization consistently embraces the following components while implementing the programmes.

  • Team Worker

  • Transparency

  • Youth driven

  • Learning

  • Big Dreamers

  • Our Objectives

  • To support OVC’s in the deprived communities to learn, read and write.

  • To contribute to a reduction in teenage pregnancies, child marriages and associated SRHR risks among young people 10-24 years in Uganda.

  • To enhance the community’s capacity and inform child of their rights through legal education or by advocacy.

  • To educate and empower young people to make informed decisions and life choices through behavior change communication.

  • To increase youth & women contribution to economic contribution to community development
  • As a youth led and serving organization, CCFU puts out its priority on reaching out to the youth mainly in inadequately served communities and rural setting with our programming putting more of our emphasis on knowledge acquisition, community sensitization and awareness creation around areas of sexual and reproductive health in a bid to spread the message to our fellow young people in Uganda. With a strong volunteer base, we are working with peer educators through implementing mentorship programs with the in school and out of school youth. CCFU is embracing the use of technological advancements; use of mass communication, online media (social media platforms) and establish strategic partnerships with other major players working in/around the field of SRHR and HIV/AIDs as we communicate issues concerning youth sexuality, sexual health and well-being.